New Portfolio 🚀

April 2, 2024

2 min read

After giving a lot of thought to make a new portfolio, I was inclined to try Astro 💫 as a base framework. And for a timing issue, I took a 🎨 Theme as a base to work on.

Requirements when choosing a theme:

Why a new portfolio? 🤔

Last year I made a simple one with React ⚛️ with a very simple interface taking the aesthetics of Discord. I liked it, it was functional, but at the same time it was a point of contact and little more, it didn’t give room to show what I’m currently working on 💻.

Besides, I decided to complement my Medium ✍️ articles with a longer version, and for this the best thing to do is to have a section on my own website 🌐.

This added to my desire to try Astro 🚀 made the perfect combo to tackle a new project, small and on which not having to spend hundreds of hours, but with the flexibility of being able to capture ideas in a simple way 💡.

Complement to the site ➕.

As an addition this time I add a link to a public page I made in Notion 🧠. There I have a list of the articles I published on Medium ✍️, tools, software and hardware I use on a daily basis 🧰.